Fiscal Cliff or Not You Should Keep Marketing

Grand Canyon

So I was thinking of all the beautiful cliffs at the Grand Canyon and other awe inspiring natural landscapes throughout the country. Looking up at a cliff can be breathtaking. If you’re a rock climber, cliffs can be great motivation. In the great national debate about the upcoming Fiscal catastrophe the opposite is true. No one is talking about the beauty of this cliff. It’s more like armageddon.

As a small business owner are you paying attention to any of it? Well, if you’re like me your buried in projects, payroll, end of year taxes, client needs, 2013 planning, etc. Customers are still out there and until their money is no good, you have to keep working. So should you bury your head in the sand and anticipate the worse? Or should you carry the mantle of optimism and forge ahead and anticipate that people will still be buying in 2013? If history is any indicator, the latter is probably your best bet.

Some things to think about when jotting notes about your future marketing efforts is to look back at 2012 and assess marketing successes and marketing failures. In this fast-paced, media slammed, consumer environment, fiscal cliff or not, any marketing successes are worth noting. Think about what made it successful. Was it the time of the year? Was it after a presentation or promotion? What type of people were you connecting to at the time? You can build a pretty good assessment of your marketing tactics and possibly use them in 2013.

If an effort failed, what factors may have contributed it to it’s poor performance? Ask yourself similar questions but also think about how you might of communicated your effort to your target markets. Was it the right communication? Did you use all the channels available to you? Was it creative and memorable?

Other things to reflect on for future marketing efforts is how you use or manage your entire marketing mix. As part of our assessments and management of all of our clients, we always start there. It becomes a baseline for all of our marketing recommendations. You can turn to any business book or marketing resource to give you a checklist and begin to customize it to your needs. We use a system that we have devised from our own experience. Getting us answers quicker. After all, the quicker you know your market, the quicker you can push, the quicker you build momentum and the quicker you make the sale!

So before you decide to bury your head in the sand remember that you still live in a country with a great economy. That even when we were in the middle of the worst recession in our country’s history, people still lined up for I-pods. We’ll get through this, but this country will always rely on small businesses like ours to keep it moving. Plan for a successful 2013, stay consistent with your marketing and get out there and MAKE A MILLION!

If you need more advice or guidance, consultations at Drew Advertising are always free. Email me directly at to set something up. I believe 2013 is going to be your best year!

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