Hey Marketer…Don’t Forget You’re A Consumer

When an intern enters the fast paced world of advertising they’re eyes are glistening with anticipation and their brains are loaded with marketing theory. Usually when they sit across from me one of the first questions I ask is “What brand inspires you and why?” The response usually goes something like this, “That’s a good question. I wasn’t prepared for that one. Let me think.”

Simple question, or is it? As professional marketers or newbie marketers we can sometimes forget that we are consumers, live with consumers and are surrounded by….you guessed it….consumers! However, our clients don’t pay us to give them that simple equation for success. They expect us, marketers,  to think beyond the usual. To outpace their competition with innovative strategies that secure their place in the market. No doubt, we should and must do that.

However, a basic checklist of your own personal likes and dislikes can ensure that level one marketing ideas are covered.

For example, how do you as a consumer react to a brand. What are your initial thoughts? You probably are going to assess your own needs and apply them to the situation. Then you’ll go through a sequence of feelings. Those initial reactions, your “Personal Consumer Reaction” can provide incredible insight. So then take your personal insights and apply them to your marketing best practices and what do you get? Probably a good idea.

The bottom line is before you apply your consumer engagement strategy utilizing quantitative and qualitative research, don’t forget you too are a consumer. You were taught how to shop when you were a kid. You are continuously marketed to. You will forever be marketed to. Pay attention to your feelings, observe the market and create great ideas that make your clients money.

That’s what I think…what do you think?

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Drew Advertising is a full-service Brand Management & Advertising Company. Founded in 2007, it specializes in Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, Retail, Restaurants & Entertainment, Cause Marketing & Manufacturing. Clients have ranged from Fortune 500 to non-profits. Drew Advertising strives to be industry thought leaders, driving ideas and pursuing lasting relationships between brands and consumers. We'd love to meet you one day and see how we can excel your brand. Message us, to get started!

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