Ole Avocado Now In Houston and Austin H-E-B’s

Ole Avocado is now in Houston and Austin. The five-year-old company is now available at area H-E-B’s and offers consumers a better priced, more authentic tasting guacamole. Made with three Hass avocados, Ole Avocado, has a milder flavor than other brands giving guacamole connoisseurs the option of eating it straight from its package or making their own culinary creation. The 12 oz bag is also competitively priced compared to other store bought guacamole and can be found in the meat section at H-E-B.

“Ever since we’ve entered the market customers have really been receptive to our brand. Our company hopes to expand to other locations in throughout the state of Texas,” President of Ole Avocado Jesus Sebastian said. The company also has its eyes set on extending its line with other flavors in the near future.

As part of their market entry, Ole Avocado is planning promotions for the both markets. Consumers can expect in-store promotions, trials at area events and sponsorship of organizations that share the company values of health and family.

“Being part of the community is important for us. We not only want to sell our product but we want to build relationships with our customers,” concluded Sebastian.

Ole Avocado was founded in 2007 and naturally processes its guacamole using “Fresher Under Pressure” technology. Sebastian and his family have been in the avocado business for over thirty years and maintain avocado orchards in central Mexico.

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