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Hey Marketer…Don’t Forget You’re A Consumer

When an intern enters the fast paced world of advertising they’re eyes are glistening with anticipation and their brains are loaded with marketing theory. Usually when they sit across from me one of the first questions I ask is “What brand inspires you and why?” The response usually goes something like this, “That’s a good question. I wasn’t prepared for that one. Let me think.”

Simple question, or is it? As professional marketers or newbie marketers we can sometimes forget that we are consumers, live with consumers and are surrounded by….you guessed it….consumers! However, our clients don’t pay us to give them that simple equation for success. They expect us, marketers,  to think beyond the usual. To outpace their competition with innovative strategies that secure their place in the market. No doubt, we should and must do that.

However, a basic checklist of your own personal likes and dislikes can ensure that level one marketing ideas are covered.

For example, how do you as a consumer react to a brand. What are your initial thoughts? You probably are going to assess your own needs and apply them to the situation. Then you’ll go through a sequence of feelings. Those initial reactions, your “Personal Consumer Reaction” can provide incredible insight. So then take your personal insights and apply them to your marketing best practices and what do you get? Probably a good idea.

The bottom line is before you apply your consumer engagement strategy utilizing quantitative and qualitative research, don’t forget you too are a consumer. You were taught how to shop when you were a kid. You are continuously marketed to. You will forever be marketed to. Pay attention to your feelings, observe the market and create great ideas that make your clients money.

That’s what I think…what do you think?


ALAMO Beer Brewery One Step Closer

Today the City of San Antonio‘s Planning Commission overwhelmingly approved the plans for ALAMO Beer’s proposed micro-brewery. ALAMO Beer Company’s proposed 5.7 million dollar project plans to begin construction after a final city council vote later in July. The 3-story brewery will feature a 60-barrel brew house, event space, tasting room, packaging line, gastrobpub restaurant, beer garden among other amenities. Originally created in 1883, the ALAMO brewery will restore the brands presence in downtown San Antonio.

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Word of Mouth Works In Many Forms

Word of mouth, or personal testimony, is a marketing method that has been around since the first person decided to provide a good or service to another – and it will continue as long as humanity engages in trade. Word of mouth is invaluable in this age of multimedia and technology because of its power to communicate benefits and product information in a trusted manner; from a friend, relative, or other respected person.

For some industries “word of mouth” is the ideal channel to consider when communicating to a target audience. Industries like legal services, health care, social organizations, even beauty and fashion
are concerned with important, even personal, aspects of one’s life. Choosing the right lawyer, treatment, or representation of self can be essential, and people often make choices based on a previous experience shared by a trusted source.

Generating sales often takes a variety of tactics. Depending on the goals of an organization, “word of mouth” can be the most efficient and the best return on investment. For others, “word of mouth” may
not be enough to fully engage the consumer. However, including “word of mouth” in the mix along with a variety of tools (i.e. online, public relations, broadcast, print) can pack a powerful punch in a recipe tailored to deliver on your business objectives.

So don’t diss, “word of mouth.” Talk it up!

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Ole Avocado To Give $100 Gift Card To Facebook Fan

Are you a friend of Ole Avocado on Facebook? Well are you? Ole Avocado has been connecting with consumers in Austin, Houston and San Antonio through it’s Facebook page. The promotion is simple, click LIKE and be instantly entered to win a $100 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond. The promotion will conclude on July 1 with a winner being randomly selected from it’s Facebook fans. Visit

Ole Avocado Now In Houston and Austin H-E-B’s

Ole Avocado is now in Houston and Austin. The five-year-old company is now available at area H-E-B’s and offers consumers a better priced, more authentic tasting guacamole. Made with three Hass avocados, Ole Avocado, has a milder flavor than other brands giving guacamole connoisseurs the option of eating it straight from its package or making their own culinary creation. The 12 oz bag is also competitively priced compared to other store bought guacamole and can be found in the meat section at H-E-B.

“Ever since we’ve entered the market customers have really been receptive to our brand. Our company hopes to expand to other locations in throughout the state of Texas,” President of Ole Avocado Jesus Sebastian said. The company also has its eyes set on extending its line with other flavors in the near future.

As part of their market entry, Ole Avocado is planning promotions for the both markets. Consumers can expect in-store promotions, trials at area events and sponsorship of organizations that share the company values of health and family.

“Being part of the community is important for us. We not only want to sell our product but we want to build relationships with our customers,” concluded Sebastian.

Ole Avocado was founded in 2007 and naturally processes its guacamole using “Fresher Under Pressure” technology. Sebastian and his family have been in the avocado business for over thirty years and maintain avocado orchards in central Mexico.

A Lot Going On With Drew Advertising…Blog Keeps You Updated

At this time we are coordinating all of our social media sites. Our goal is to keep you all updated with the many projects our company is so fortunate to be a part of. From package development with Adam’s Extract or event tastings with Ole Avocado or even coordinating this summer’s backyard BBQ with Alamo Golden Ale, our little company continues to attract quality brands and fun projects. Do us a favor LIKE our Facebook and do us another, set up a meeting with us. I’d love to show you how we keep customers happy and how we create loyalty. Good night friends.


What’s Your Online Reputation?

Social media is an integral part of any communications plan. As consumers become more media saavy they are increasingly expecting to have access to your brand 24/7. Building a solid online reputation can allow you to continue to win in this ultra-competitive marketplace.

So how do you create and maintain a robust online reputation? It starts with knowing your consumer. Just because the media changes, doesn’t mean you stop listening to consumer wants. Build a strategy that understands their online habits. This will allow you to determine how much pressure you should place and where online you should be. By doing this, you can become more strategic and efficient when communicating via the internet.

Of course, the flipside of social media is that if your product or service doesn’t perform, consumers will criticize you. However, continous monitoring of your online reputation can let you address those issues instantly and give you insight as to how you can improve.

The core of our company is strategy. Whether it be traditional or online, we work with you in understanding your target and communicating with them. Our online reputation team is ready to assist you. Call or email us today to get started.