Archive | November 2010

Know Your Public. Then Reach Them.

Local news, regional news, national news, magazines, online, TV, trade
publications, online blogs, on and on. Where does media end and how do you get in? The answer lies in a strategic public relations plan.

First, you must understand who your publics are, the channels they’re frequenting and devise newsworthy stories that get you mentioned. Is there a magic bullet? Not really. Remember that you’re going up against fierce media grabbing competition and the likelihood of being picked-up becomes increasingly more difficult.

 So what are handy tools that can be used to execute your PR tactics? Press releases, media alerts, and e-blasts are essential in highlighting a connection with your client and business contacts. Social media, free events, and promotions are other elements that underline an effective PR strategy. Relevance and effectiveness are key ingredients in the PR recipe for success.

Of course, each business has it’s own specific goals leading to a variety of strategies. You must put together a plan, create a calendar and execute. If you need help getting started, email us! We’ll help you get the results you’re looking for.