The Amplifier: Client Profile

Client Profile: NB Home Health From ground to cup

NBhomehealth has quickly become a growing brand in the home healthcare arena. Employing over 40 professionals and having served over 700 patients, they felt it was time to take their brand to the next level. Edward Meza and Andrew Anguiano met a few years back when both companies were gaining traction. “I’ve always had an interest in working with NBhomehealth,” stated Mr. Anguiano, “Not only because their company shares similar values, but because on a human level the service they provide is so important. The sincerity of Edward, his wife Sylvia, and the rest of his staff makes for a brand you want to make successful.”

With deep roots in San Antonio’s westside, NBhomehealth’s leader, Edward Meza, felt that it was a good place to begin his company’s marketing and public relations efforts. “This is where we’re from, it’s always positive for us to be active first in our own neighborhood,” stated Mr. Meza, “We look foward to building on our current relationships and bringing new patients into our family.” The “More than Home Healthcare” campaign will be launched in upcoming weeks and includes multiple tactics to secure market position and increase awareness.

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