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The Amplifier: Client Profile

Client Profile: NB Home Health From ground to cup

NBhomehealth has quickly become a growing brand in the home healthcare arena. Employing over 40 professionals and having served over 700 patients, they felt it was time to take their brand to the next level. Edward Meza and Andrew Anguiano met a few years back when both companies were gaining traction. “I’ve always had an interest in working with NBhomehealth,” stated Mr. Anguiano, “Not only because their company shares similar values, but because on a human level the service they provide is so important. The sincerity of Edward, his wife Sylvia, and the rest of his staff makes for a brand you want to make successful.”

With deep roots in San Antonio’s westside, NBhomehealth’s leader, Edward Meza, felt that it was a good place to begin his company’s marketing and public relations efforts. “This is where we’re from, it’s always positive for us to be active first in our own neighborhood,” stated Mr. Meza, “We look foward to building on our current relationships and bringing new patients into our family.” The “More than Home Healthcare” campaign will be launched in upcoming weeks and includes multiple tactics to secure market position and increase awareness.


Group Member


Rebekah Espitia

Rebekah Esptia

Rebekah heads Account Management and has been with Drew/Walker for two years. Originally from Corpus Christi, she earned a BBA in Marketing from The University of Texas in San Antonio.

Excerpt from an interview with Rebekah:

[Q:] Tell us what you do.
[A:] As Account Manager I deliver on the definition of our Drew/Walker’s belief in what a Full Service agency should be.  Account Managers within Drew/Walker serve clients as part brand manager, part media planner/buyer and project manager. The skill set we bring to our clients benefits their investment; driving a more efficient and more effective marketing spend.

[Q:] Everyone has a favorite client!  Who is it?
[A:] My favorite thing about our portfolio of clients is that they believe in what they do and offer.  I am lucky that each one of our clients has that belief.  It makes our job exciting and rewarding.

[Q:] If you were a brand, what would be your benefit, or your positioning?
[A:] Awesomeness.

[Q:] What would be your RTB (reason to believe) as a product?
[A:] I’m a planner; so I like to think of what I do as an insurance policy for a client’s investment.

The Amplifier: March

Your Brand Story Gives Your Logo Wheels
More than likely you tell the story of your organization using various media channels including print, web and the most obvious, your people.  The story of who you are, why you’re different and of course what you cost. That story didn’t need a logo did it? However, as you grow, your logo becomes more and more significant – it becomes the visual representation of your story. One abstract mark can ultimately embody the spirit of your entire organization. But how does it achieve worldwide fame? Through well directed advertising and public relations delivering the right story. Telling the right story can build an emotional appeal within an audience that follows it no matter where it goes. Just ask McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’, Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ or simply the word Coca-Cola. Ultimately, having a great story AND A memorable logo is your company’s dream!

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 to reap the rewards of having a good story. You simply need to ask the right questions about your company. Do you know what your audience wants to hear and why your product/service is relevant to them? How and where are you going to deliver that message and what type of resources can you commit? How do you effectively turn your resources into sales, profit, and revenue generation?  A strong, memorable story backed by an equally strong, memorable logo become a cost efficient one-second reminder of what you do and how you can benefit your audience, buyer, or consumer.

If you’d like to hear our story and meet our team, we’d love to get your company moving in the right direction. Email us!