Press Release: February 1, 2010

San Antonio Agency Expanding Global Reach
Drew/Walker Building International Brands

San Antonio, Texas, February 1, 2010 – Drew/Walker has entered the international market with a fury. The agency recently developed a business development division, led by Carmen Diaz focusing on companies turning their sites to the U.S. Market.

Carmen brings experience working with the City of San Antonio’s International Affairs Department, as well as, experience in logistics and purchasing with Mexican company Leo Bag S. De R.L. de C.V. “We are committed to providing brand management and advertising to companies who are seriously looking to establish their brands in our region,” stated Ms. Diaz, “The transition to the American market can be difficult, we’ve done a great job of listening to international business leaders and crafting techniques that are culturally specific and work towards making their transition successful.”

Although working with international companies can at times be challenging, agency partner, Andrew M. Anguiano believes the extra time is worth it. “In our changing economy it’s important that we are good global business neighbors. That we take the time to understand the business cultures of other countries and forge partnerships that are mutually beneficial.”

Over the past few months Drew/Walker has hosted several Mexican companies in multiple industries looking at San Antonio and the region as a place to expand. The agency has also created strategic partnerships with The Free Trade Alliance a San Antonio non-profit tasked with promoting international business development and foreign investment. Other alliances include public and private international organizations.

Published in the San Antonio Business Journal

About Drew Advertising

Drew Advertising is a full-service Brand Management & Advertising Company. Founded in 2007, it specializes in Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, Retail, Restaurants & Entertainment, Cause Marketing & Manufacturing. Clients have ranged from Fortune 500 to non-profits. Drew Advertising strives to be industry thought leaders, driving ideas and pursuing lasting relationships between brands and consumers. We'd love to meet you one day and see how we can excel your brand. Message us, to get started!

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