Integrated Marketing vs. Advertising

Shifts in the advertising and media industry have caused Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to develop into a primary strategy. What is IMC and how is it different that traditional advertising? IMC unlike advertising requires marketers to begin thinking like brand managers, as well as, advertisers. This shift requires agencies to have a larger role, however, agencies are held to a higher level of accountability including performance based compensation scales.

Other factors contributing to IMC include the growth of the forms of communication, more specialized media, a retailer dominated market, data based marketing and of course the widespread availability of the internet. Although traditional advertising is still useful, strategic thinking and an Integrated Market plan will begin to differentiate you in the market.

To learn how you can apply Integrated Marketing to your company send us note. We’d love to talk about it!

About Drew Advertising

Drew Advertising is a full-service Brand Management & Advertising Company. Founded in 2007, it specializes in Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, Retail, Restaurants & Entertainment, Cause Marketing & Manufacturing. Clients have ranged from Fortune 500 to non-profits. Drew Advertising strives to be industry thought leaders, driving ideas and pursuing lasting relationships between brands and consumers. We'd love to meet you one day and see how we can excel your brand. Message us, to get started!

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